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Keep It Clean!

If you do this after every shower, you’ll need less time and elbow grease when your shower is due for a deeper cleaning. When it is time for a deeper general cleaning, follow these steps:

Fill a spray bottle with equal parts dish soap and white vinegar.

Spray the shower walls, starting on the left wall of the shower and working your way around. Allow the spray to sit on the walls for five to 10 minutes.

Again, starting on the left wall of the shower, wipe down your shower walls and give them a good scrubbing with a sponge. If your shower is really dirty, add some baking soda to your sponge before you start for some safe abrasion to make the job easier. Avoid using the scrubby side of the sponge on acrylic showers and tubs.

Rinse away your cleaning solution. This is easy if you have a shower-head with a detachable sprayer. If you don’t, use a bowl or pitcher to cascade water over the shower walls.

Repeat this process with your bathtub or the base of your shower.

Dry your shower and tub with a clean microfiber cloth or squeegee.

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